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                • 新型EPS裝飾線條有什么優勢
                • 本站編輯:杭州臨安田園建材有限公司發布日期:2021-04-07 15:38 瀏覽次數:




                (3) 粘貼牢固。EPS裝飾線主要是用聚合物砂漿與墻面進行粘結,聚合物砂漿是將有機膠加到無機材料水泥砂漿攪拌制成,使用壽命長,粘結牢固,并已經有國家標準和規范,且在大量工程應用中證明是安全可靠的,因而避免了因采用錨栓固定方式施工和錨栓銹蝕的隱患,也徹底解決了外墻外保溫冷、熱橋的問題。






                EPS decorative line is a new building decoration material in China in recent years, which has caused great repercussions in the domestic design field, and has been recognized and adopted by many domestic designers. It completely subverts the tradition that only GRC and gypsum can be used for exterior wall decoration lines, and is widely valued in the construction industry. Compared with the traditional GRC and gypsum, the new EPS decorative line has the following advantages:

                (1) Light weight, EPS line [2] aggregate is polystyrene, its finished product weight is about 1 / 6 of GRC decorative line, one person can move and construct at will. Moreover, it is fireproof, waterproof, mothproof, mould proof and crack proof. The construction is convenient and simple, suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor decorative materials, is a new type of green decorative materials.

                (2) The main products are carving, window cover line, waist line, door cover line, cornice line, beam bracket, Roman column, door decoration, decorative components and other products, and can accept customized drawings.

                (3) Stick firmly. EPS decoration line is mainly bonded with polymer mortar. Polymer mortar is made by mixing organic glue with inorganic material cement mortar. It has long service life and firm bonding. It has national standards and specifications, and has been proved to be safe and reliable in a large number of engineering applications. Therefore, it avoids the hidden danger of anchor bolt fixing construction and anchor bolt corrosion, and completely solves the problem The problem of cold and hot bridge of external thermal insulation is solved.

                (4) It is easy to install. By using special bonding materials and methods, one person can install and construct, especially for large amount of line engineering, which only needs bonding and installation. The pattern effect is clear and natural, elegant and luxurious.

                (4) There is no gap between the lines. EPS decorative lines use the same gap filling material as the wall bonding, and all gaps disappear, and there will be no cracks in the future use.

                (6) Environmental protection: chemical fiber is used as raw material to meet the national standard of non-toxic and harmless green product for engineering decoration.